Su-Yen Wong & Fermin Diez (B&W).jpg

Photo by Russel Wong

Having lived in a total of ten countries and travelled to over a hundred, Fermin Diez and Su-Yen Wong share a passion for culture and an appreciation of stories encapsulated in visual form, be they Aboriginal cave paintings, Ethiopian icons, or Mexican murals. Wanderlust notwithstanding, Singapore is home for the couple, which is why they have focused on developing a narrative that reflects the country’s culture and history in its formative years. Comprising artworks by first and second-generation Singaporean artists, their collection captures the zeitgeist of an emerging nation, as manifested in vanishing trades, disappearing traditions, and shifting landscapes. They commenced their collector journey in 2007 with the serendipitous acquisition of an oil painting, Country Road executed in 1956 by Cheong Soo Pieng.